Paper bags become a popular trend

It is almost a synonymous of green. But with the recent remark ‘non-woven bags are not environmentally friendly’ published, misreading sparked on the non-woven bags cause people’s deep thinking.

Non-woven bags are not environmentally friendly bags. In fact, they are also plastic products. Its load-bearing, strength, and not a plastic bag, plastic bags larger than the potential crisis, more than a plastic bag waste oil. For a time, ‘woven’seems to be abuse of the environmental protection concept of the ‘scapegoat’ and let the people has re-looked at it in the eyes of science. What is the real green alternative to shopping bags? How can the concept of comprehensive environmental awareness, environmental awareness. Many people believe that non-woven bags beautiful, cheap, strong, recognized it as a substitute for plastic bags. As the business of publicity, most people think that the non-woven bags are environmentally friendly. The bags can not be washed, stained with oil thrown away, because it is environmentally friendly bags, it will not pollute the environment.

Non-woven bags are environmentally friendly, mainly to see the material is not biodegradable. Most on the market today are non-woven polypropylene bags, made of polyester, these two are non-degradable fibers, made of non-woven bags is not environmentally friendly, and its waste in the natural environment is difficult to degrade.
A professional says that, like most of the manufacturers and the industry, the main material of their rept ba​g is polypropylene. Production process is high temperature melting, spinning, shop classes, hot take-up of production from such steps, because the appearance of a cloth and some performance called cloth. Decomposition of this material requires harsh conditions, such as strong sunlight exposure, and under natural conditions in the room you need seven or eight years time to decompose. "From this perspective, non-woven bags can not be called absolutely environmentally friendly, but it is environmentally friendly compared to plastic or to much."

This is mainly because the manufacturers claim a recycling of non-woven bags, which is the reason for countries to implement non-woven bags. Public use ten times, twenty times and then throw away non-woven bags, would surely be lost once the plastic bag with a much more environmentally friendly. From the material perspective, plastic bags, woven bags not be completely environmentally friendly shopping bag alternatives, real alternatives to what is it?
Of course, there are also completely biodegradable alternatives, such as polylactic acid fiber, is an extract from the grain of ecological sustainable development of fiber, can be 100% biodegradable. But made of plastic, the cost of at least three times higher than the non-woven bags, it is difficult to promote. There are some tourist cities hit 'green card', is pursuing such a shopping bag, such as Yunnan, some of the area, which this paper is to promote a useful attempt. Many environmentalists have praised the final paper shopping bags as an alternative. We can learn from foreign experience, promote the use of strong paper bag shopping.

With the Chinese people's quality of life and enhance environmental awareness, in the purchase of goods green concept continue to strengthen. From pollution-free green to phosphate-free non-toxic green washing powder, from the ‘energy efficient’ green battery to the eye safe green TV green under the banner of all-pervasive, cater to consumer’s desire for health psychology.

 Many environmentalists believe that the perfect state environmental certification standards and environmental protection against the concept of environmental protection supervision is the key to the abuse. About no​n woven bag China environmental certification, experts mentioned, China is still no national standards for environmental protection non-woven bags. Introduction of national standards for shopping bags will be given to the environmental certification standardFree Articles, so that those who have not been detected in non-woven bags manufacturers can not be the name of green signs to mislead the consumer. Source: http://